EasyPHP – simple way to setup webserver

I normally download apache , mysql , php seperately and install them individual, its that good you can learn how to tweak each of these on your own pc, but that tedious part is every time after your reformat your pc, you have to repeat it one by one ..

 i did try a few program before which claim that is all in one web server, but after i try out either is hard to use or less of some feature, until i found easyPHP

it combine of

  • Apache 1.3.33
  • PHP 4.3.10
  • MySql 4.1.9
  • phpMyAdmin 2.6.1.

some of these might oudated version but its still working quite well with common script, everything just done by one install program, the configuration after installation is also simple , everyone can just did the configuration through the GUI.

 So try it if you want to play some open source php script on your pc.

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