Plog – Another Blog Community Script

Since few month ago, i saw the plog introduction on Zonble’s Blog, it seem that plog can easily build up a blog community, i search through most open source blogging script, not much blogging script manage to do this, wordpress is good but for personal blog only, althought there is some solution like WPMU – WordPress Multiuser version but its seem hard to setup ( i try few time but not manage to make it work), b2evolution also another good choice for blog community site, but the development seem slow down

i did try to setup plog to play with , but it seem a bit too simple and still not good enough during my first try, but recently it release the Beta 1.0, i would say it will become a very good blog community script, most probally i will use it host a blog community when the final version is release.

Btw i did host up the script for beta test, if any of you want to test this blog script, pls visit

: woooo i fixed up some bug on the plog demo site, if previously you can’t register now you can,
anyway plog community did mention about this demo site on their news page also .. weeee !

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