Phonegap – Fixed white screen flash after launch

One of my recent project is building a Phonegap iOS app , just want to share one of the tips that I pick up today.

When you didn’t set any launch image and having a background image / colour on your main html , you might see this problem  before, once you launch the app there is a white screen flashing before showing your app.

The simple solution for this is just add a launch image which suit your background colour , example for  my case , it is a black colour background app , so I created 3 launch image which is black colour with the respective resolution. clean the app and rebuild, there should be no more white screen flashing.

launch images

Other than this you can set “AutoHideSplashScreen” to False and add below code to deviceready event, this will nicely hide the launch image and show your app smoothly.

setTimeout(function() {navigator.splashscreen.hide();}, 1000);

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