Phonegap – Compress your app size

One of the main issue that using Phonegap compare to building the app natively is “File Size”. I was building a simple app , without much feature and the file size is 8MB.

8MB might not be really big if base on the current broadband internet , but imagine if your target user searching the app store on the 3G network and thinking of download your app to give it a try, the size of your app might be really turn off them.

So how to compress the file size of a Phonegap app and keep it small ? there are 2 tips

  1. Use the ImageOptim , pull your whole directory into it and let it compress, there are tons of images that can be compress without losing much detail.
  2. Change the Build Settings, search for PNG and change Compress PNG files to NO.This will prevent Xcode to re-compress all the images ( which are bigger file size).


Base on this 2 tips , I manage to squeeze a 8MB apps to 3.5MB , it really works.

Of course if your app not using some of the optional plugins , can remove it those too, example the plugin for capture API is quite big, so if you are not using any related feature , just remove it , will save your some file size too.


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