Gmail & BCC

I have this love-hate relation with Gmail , on one side  it has serve me well for the past few day , one of my best email client experience, on the other side I been having some email technical problem recently , asking around how to solve it and I just find out is all because of Gmail.

So I having this project recently which need to convert a Codeigniter based site from using the mail library class to Amazon AWS SES ( Simple Mail Service) , so I converted Joelcox’s SES library to fit in the project.

During the testing phase, the bcc feature  seem like not working ? How my email setup is I have a developer email which will forward all the emails to my main Gmail account, so I try to send the email to my self and bcc to my developer email account, but instead of 2 email I only receive one email.

So after multiple testing and asking in the Amazon forum, the forum moderator has confirm the BCC feature is working perfectly fine and checking on my message id , they confirm my email has been deliver fine.

So what are the problem ? It seem like Gmail will just filter out the email , although all my developer account’s email should forward to my Gmail account, but it seem like the system will filter out the same content email to avoid duplication , so my developer account receive  the bcc email but never forward to my main Gmail account.

Developer tips :  if you need to test email , cc  or bcc feature , try to test it with different email service provider to avoid stuck in the same problem like me.

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