Xmarks is closing soon

This is one sad news today , the bookmarking service that I been using – Xmarks, is closing down in 90 days, if you don’t know what is Xmarks, it use to call “Foxmark” , Xmarks allow you to sync your bookmarks with server, which is a slightly different from the social bookmarking approach.

I know that this day will coming , when Firefox release weave sync and Google Chrome provide bookmark sync option , I thought Xmarks might be able to sold off or found a new business model , but it seem like they have fail to do so.

There are a quite a number of users can’t accept this and don’t understand why Xmarks never try to go for premium membership approach, I think they should really try this before they heading to the dead pool.

From what I see , there are 2 feature that really make Xmarks stand out from the rest,

  • Cross browser & platform syncing , example I can sync my bookmarks when I  using Firefox on windows for my work in office , I can also sync with my Google Chrome on Mac at home.
  • Profile sync – I can set what bookmarks to sync with my office profile and what bookmarks to skip for my home profile.

Will Xmarks just close like this ? or there might be some last-minute acquisition within the last 90 days ?

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