The Lake House

My gal was complaining mention that its been sometime we never go watch movie together already and she mention that when i saw trailer of this movie , i promise her will bring her to watch this movie ( did i ? hmmmmm ) So we went for 9:30pm show last night

So what i think about this movie ( no spoiler )?

  • chicken or egg first ?
  • a bit not logical, what has been happen should be happen, what you did now the result should’t see in current
  • maybe a sad ending will be better ?

p/s i quite like their site design

The Lake House

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  • No-Name

    Okay…first of all, “The Lake House” is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Second of all, have someone proofread your blogs or whatever to make sure your readers will be able to understand you.

  • Knight

    lol, sorry for that No-name, i still trying to improve my english ..

  • dUnk

    First of all…
    this movie is great!!!
    i’ve never expected that we could change destiny…
    this is the greatest love story ever…

  • Alex Conde

    Great movie. One of the best I´ve ever seen.

  • Leo

    The lake house,one of the best movies?

    I think it’s not good enough~

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  • defrock

    Lake House is one of “must-see-thrice” movie i’ve watched up-to-date. It makes you think hard, and that’s something good ‘coz movies nowadays just lack the thrill.I think that the ending is quite good considering that most romance movies nowadays have tragic endings. And kudos to the the writer of the story… I adore it. C’mon guys… don’t argue with me, just watched it last night. And to those who didn’t like the movie, either you’re not just the romantic type or you’re just scared to be labelled MUSHY. Donna’ worry, lake house is an intellectual movie. The fact that you watched it make you worth the label “einstein-wannabe”. Heck.
    Chill guys.

  • defrock

    And knight bradah… donna’ worry with you’re english… you’ll get better at it. Sush… Americans are gramatically wrong most of the time anyways. Only english instructors strive for perfection bradah. jah bless mon…

  • Knight

    defrock , thx for the support and well say on lake house

  • Karl.L.J.

    How can I get it, because I am not staying in the USA

  • jcvincent

    One of the finest movie I’ve ever seen. Both stars were perfect for their roles. Don’t you think the movie is sweet? Great job! by the way knight, don’t worry about your english. It’s the brain that counts and not the language. Peace!

  • Sophia

    one minuite ago ,i finished watching this movie . It seems it described my love .once i had a love like that ,long distance ,impossible to meet ,but it is the first time make me know what’s love indeed . He is more true than anything in my life . I’ve tried everything to reach him in 2 years ,i did . I finally succeed in last month ,but he is going to get married with another girl who he can touch easily ,i completly understand and i do bless him .
    I dreamt thousands of times how happy i will be when i preparing my bugguges ,but now i don’t know what i am making for ,this is destiny . I am not as lucky as Kate .
    Hi prince ,i will wait the right you to meet in the right time with the right way ,i love you ,please wait for me !