The Pepsi Girl

Just saw about this few day ago when i browsing some local chinese IT magazine, but till now i just recall and do a search for this girl, it seem like quite a pretty girl but some people comment about when she laugh .. she looks a bit terrible ..


i would say not that bad, you can view 2 more her photo in flickr or see her in the pepsi ad,

there even have a guy call justin make a blog for her – The Pepsi Girl . but someone mention this might be a fake blog 





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  • I thought she look kinda cute.

    There’s no denying that the popularity of the fan blog brought her out of obscurity. There’s a really blur line between advertising and reality these days. Even if its a fake blog, I give them props for coming up with such an ingenuine idea.

  • Knight

    haha “bite your ball off” look .. geez ..