Web Messenger List

Just found another new web messenger appear in the market this morning, all these web messenger allow you to communicate with most of the popular Instant Messenger client, example MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Gtalk ..

p/s List updated on 09 Jan 07

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21 Responses

  1. LOL! says:

    best msn everr (:
    stupid school blocking them all.

  2. soly says:

    POP-UP BLOCKER DETECTED!….what I do????

  3. marco says:

    Yes sooo bored in science but its great talkin on koolim

  4. andrew says:

    its a technology blog website.

  5. sam says:

    KOOLIM is so friekin gr8 . i love it

  6. melvis says:

    I agree, its nice.!

  7. aileen says:

    kindly add on your list http://www.iloveim.com

  8. Jeff says:

    iloveim.com is a nice site!

  9. BECKY says:

    Finally, one that aint blocked. Koolim..My online contacts best show up soon though :\

  10. danielle says:

    i we hate owa school tooooo they blocked them all

  11. Stephanie says:

    like that its alright

  12. Jesse says:

    all of them wont wrk for me!!!

  13. Michelle says:

    My school blocked everything!! Help me??

  14. Dennis says:

    try different URLS,


    also look up IPS for meebo and other sub domians to see if those work also.

  15. elliosh says:

    ohh my anuuulls revishes for these uplifting programs. bloody pepper johnsons for all. 5 stars!

  16. elliosh says:

    also try sites like hidemyass.com try proxy surfing it for an awsome chatting experisnce you should add me to your kool im and such mabey we could talk someitime i would like that

  17. Kreshnik says:

    thnx alot for the list

  18. sarah says:



    two if ur school has blocked the crap ones this website has. no offence but ur way behind. 🙂 audio watcher is good but remember ther is no WWW.

  19. mel says:


    gives you a list of them including imhaha.com and goowy.com

    and dan if people cant get on msn how the fessesting hell do you expect them to add you!

  20. lauren says:

    school wont stop blokin the msn!! i need to get on it quickly to tlk to some1 bout sumfin important!!! i hate skl