Syn Google Calendar with Palm

If you just like me, addicted with google calendar and trying to figure how to syn it with your palm , the solutions its using Airset. Airset is a service that allow you to manage your calendar, contact and groups with the feature allow you to syn with outlook or palm, by make use of this feature we can syn from google calendar -> Airset -> Palm.

  1. assume that you already have google calendar account
  2. register an Airset account and create a new group
  3. one group for one calendar ( in google calendar we can have multiple calendar )
  4. select the new created group , choose Calendar -> Subscribe to a Calendar, enter your ical address of your google calendar, starting from now it will fetch the changes that you add through google calendar
  5. Download the Airset Desktop Syn and follow the instruction to syn Airset calendar to desktop palm application
  6. repeat the same thing for other calendar, now your palm will have all the appointment that you mark on google calendar
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  • Holy cow.

    This is just what I’ve been looking for for awhile.

    Thanks Knight!

  • perze

    this is good stuff. Can this do the other way around? If i add an event in Outlook, will it be pushed to my google calendar?

  • Knight

    Perze, not sure for that , i already move on to use outlook syn with my palm ..

  • dbs

    CompanionLink’s ‘google calendar’ sync process will do this – it can synchronize personal calendars from the palm all the way to google calendar and back again.

    What I haven’t found yet is how to mix the two – a subscription to a published ICS feed synced down to the palm and back up again, without it intermingling the subscribed calendar entries and re-publishing them.

    Ah well.

  • Knight <---- something new that did this ..

  • jen

    Thank you so much for posting this information. You just helped make my life a lot easier. No problems syncing with my palm z22 using airset!

  • Knight

    jen ,

    glad that helps : )

  • lori

    this does not work for palm 6.0

  • MG

    Dude, can I just tell you how awesome you are? You totaLLy made my day. My palm is all synced up and ready to go with my gcal. 😀

  • Knight

    no problem MG, glad that it help

  • Rachel

    Good to see the solution – sadly there’s no Airset desktop sync app for Mac. Stupid Airset 🙁