Youare – another microblogging service

With the success of micro blogging service like twitter/tumblr , we can expect to see a few more similar service with different unique feature, is one of the latest .

What i can see youare is tryin to combine SNS with micro blogging, that’s the reason you need to fill some extra info in order for this thing work, example fill in your location, so that you find out who else is within your same location, fill in your work or education, to find user that working at similiar work or study at same place before or even fill in your status , are you single and Interested Woman/ Man ?

Although more info require to fill in in order to make this work, but there are privacy setting available, which allow you to trigger what info can be view by public. Taking on the latest lifestream idea, one of the feature web life which allow you to import your delicious link , flickr photo and youtube video. Layout design part might be the weakest , you can only tweak a few color, which cause the design don’t really give personal feeling.


Check out some of the screenshot at my flickr.

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