Posterous – posting anything by just email

I m not sure can i consider posterous a micro blogging service, although i tag it as mciro blogging on my delicious, but i think it more consider as tumblog , which mean someting like tumblr.

So what it does is getting email from you and publish it as a blog post, sounds straight forward and i think major blog service do have this feature, the unique part of posterous is – it will host the file that you attach with your email.

Be it a doc, ppt , pdf , jpg/gif/png or mp3, it will upload to posterous and you can set it with a download link or not in your setting. You can try to put youtube url in the email, which posterous will auto embeded the player in your post, similar feature for mp3 file too.

The last cool thing posterous did is cross posting, a cool example is i write a short review attach with some image and post it to posterous , by activate the cross posting feature, it will post my image to my flickr account and at the same time posting it to my blog , all these done by just email.

A few thing to take note is , there are no theme feature yet, although is in their todo list, i can’t find any backup feature too, if i need to remove my account and backup my upload file ? One good thing is it allow you to use your own custom domain.


check out the rest of photo on my flickr. This remind me on Sandy , an email based GTD tools.

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