Desktoptwo ? Desktop too ?

When starting of all sort of web2.0 service, one of the interesting topic is webos, which mean web based Operating System , imagine if one day this really work well, what you need on your pc/laptop its only a browser, the rest of the application webos will handle for you.

Desktoptwo - Requirement CheckI happen to found this webos service which call desktoptwo with the slogan “you can bring the desktop too”, it try to get user attention on the service by giving 1G free space, One of the interesting part that attract me is there is a requirement verify service on their front page, which will testing your web browser meet their requirement or not which i find it very useful

so how was the try out ? actually i do feel a bit dissapointed after the try out, shortcut on the desktop seem like not function, some of the program can’t activate, slightly lag while waiting the program to start. But i do like the interface design and the color ..

anyway desktoptwo seem like a good design/idea, but they still got a lot need to improve and its hard to tell by now, will we move everything to web in future or not, but this type of service do help some mobile user.

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