Think before you click

Do you think before you clicking on any links on the world-wide web ? How often does this happen ? you saw some links that looks interesting which share by your friend through Facebook, you click on the link and it redirect to a page which looks so “clickable”, you click around and it seem like nothing happen. But do you know that actually all those click actually did some action underground ? it might just make you like some page without your permission or even without your knowledge.

I going to share a real example I saw it this morning. I saw this link ( finish this post before you click on it ) “OMG! Girl Got Kicked Out Of School For DRESSING Like This!” share by a few friend this morning,my instinct told me that this page sure got something weird. The landing page looks like a normal page , with a Call To Action button, using firebug to drill in the code and it seem this is not just a simple button.

Clicking on this button, it bring you to another landing page which seem like trying to verify you are a real person by giving you instruction to click on red and blue color.Checking on firebug , you will see that the red color box actually cover an iframe for share button.

If you click on the red box ? checking your own profile again, you will find out that you are sharing the page through your profile without your knowledge, your friend all will think that you are sharing this site because you find it useful ? but the real fact that you not even know this appear on your profile , if you never check on it.

So what about the blue box ? what are the code that hide in the blue box ? it seem like is a like button. So let’s try to click on it.

What you getting on your profile is you have become the fans of this page quietly. Yes there are no hints/information/alert that tell you what happen when you click on it.

By using these trick, the page getting expose on your profile , which showing to all your friend and this page getting you as their new fans.You have just become the victim of this Facebook Page Spammer.Checking your Facebook profile now to see any of these message showing, remove it now to reduced the impact toward your friend. That’s why I will advice you think before you click because you won’t know what the link will do at the background.

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