Flickr Photo Album for WordPress 2.1

I think i mention about a Quick Fix for K2 Rolling Archives after i upgrade my blog to wordpress 2.1 , another big problem that i having is Flickr Photo Album for WordPress is not working. What is Flickr Photo Album plugin using for ? it actually allow you to insert photo from your flickr account into the blog post that you are writing, in stead of need to copy some dummy code from flickr and paste it over wordpress here.

but unfortunely the plugin broken after upgrade to wordpress 2.1 , as you can see the insert page is gone with Error 404

Flickr Photo Gallery Plugin1

there are no quick fix for this , i spend about half hour to go through the code and give up but after one week later, the plugin author release

0.86 – Jan 30 2007 — Compatibility updated for WordPress 2.1

after apply the latest version and yes i m able to see all my photo from flickr again, upgrade it now if you having the same problem

Flickr Photo Gallery Plugin2

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