Webleon, He is Back

Its been one year plus since i last heard about him, during this one year plus , no one know where he been ? what happen to him ? Keso , one of the famous China Blogger also make a special post to look for him , different kind of rumour spreading around, some one mention that he lost his hand thats why he can’t blog anymore, but i believe one day i might be able to heard his news again.

I don’t really know him, i never leave comment on his blog before, i more like a silent reader of his blog, he is the first chinese Tech/Web blog that i like , his del.icio.us also is the first one i added in my network , he is part of the reason that i started Getspot a web2.0 blog ( although closed already )

2 day ago, from the rest of blogger , i found out that he is back , none of the rumour happen on him, just that he can’t get his master , anyway he is back to shanghai by now, lets welcome him back to the blogger world, waiting for interesting post from him like the old time. Welcome Back Webleon.

p/s its good to see his del.icio.us start picking up

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