Write your feed

So if you heard a lot of thing about rss feed but lazy to build a blog for it then FeedXs is something for you. Wgat it really does is allow you to build your own feeds directly, by using their service you can create your own feed.

Of course it sounds the same if you look for free blog service provider ( WordPress.com ) you can do the same thing, but by doing that you need spend a lot more of time and effort to maintain, you need to look for skin, you need fight with spam and etc etc , but if you only need the feeds service, either to tell people more about you , or to promote your own businesss, FeedXs will be kick in perfectly.

So what you getting ? a more personal subdomain , username.feedxs.com , multiple feed creation and chances to generate more traffic to your feed, because it actually will display some active feed or best view feed when you reading a particular feed . How to post a feed ? this is the interesting part, other then the old fashion method that you login in the site to post, you can actually post through MSN ! by some ineteracting command, what you post in your msn will become a feed on your personal feed site. this can really use for doing some creative thing.


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