Tell-A-Friend widget

I saw someone manually did a similar widget some time ago, which allow user to important their email and password, then the system will foward that particular blog post to the user’s email contact list, this heat out the discussion about privacy.

Today there is one new widget – Tell-A-Friend which is fully automated for doing this and not only just email, it able to post to twitter , post through IM, and post through your email’s account contact list.


So i give this widget a try, for wordpress there is 2 option , you can choose plugin or self insert code,select a theme that you like, describe what this widget doing, select how many tools to display,decide the size of your widget and what button to use, all these can be customize.


Tell a friend not only all these powerful feature, it include backend usage report, which telling the usage of your widget, include which tools your reader using, which tools is more popular, by access these statistic, you can tweak your setting to suit the reader need.

I belive the main problem of the widget still privacy concern, can you trust it by provide your email and password just to share something ? I don’t think i will, although i did provide these info when i using plurk or twitter just to find out who on my contact list has been using the same service.

My testing to share it on twitter.


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