Orgoo Invite kickstart

I think one of the hot topic this morning is Orgoo start giving out beta invite, you get it through webware , mashable or inviteshare .

It seem like a cool apps that can consolidate all your IM and Email, but don’t really think i m going to use it, since i using gmail control all my email and pidgin/adium for all my IM purpose.I think Orgoo should add the support for micro blog like twitter and jaiku because  email, im and microblog should be the 3 main stream of web communication now day.

Hmmm .. now day seem like lots of service like to be all in one package.

P/S just a side note, it seem like i having problem to signup by Firefox 3 RC 1 , after i click on signup button no respone, it doesn’t support safari , in the end i have to use IE  but i can login and use  it with FIrefox 3 RC 1, hmmm …

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