Getsatisfaction for laterloop

I been using laterloop a lot lately , in stead of bookmark those site which interesting and would like to revisit on my delicious acccount ( most of the time i will just forget it, you will find a lot of 2read/2try/2test tag on my delicious bookmar), i bookmark it by laterloop and limit myself to clear this bucket of links within a period.

so what happen yesterday was laterloop firefox3 addon seem like stop functioning, i click on the icon at the status bar and it doesn’t bookmark the site to my account, so i decide to visit laterloop help section. Oh so it happen that they are suppport on Getstatisfaction , now day seem like a lot of web2.0 service are going on Getstatifaction this platform.

I did some search and found the person who have similar problem , although there are no solution yet but one important thing is that the user list out all the installed firefox addon, so i did some comparison with my addon and found the source of problem – seo for firefox

as a helpful web user, i register an account on Getstatifaction to share my solution.


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