CRM2.0 ?

Since i thinking to work on my own business properly officially, at the same time the project that i currently handle also consider CRM related, i was thinking to get a CRM service/software.

as usual the first thing pop in my mind is host it myself , i got a few open source option like Sugarcrm Open Source Edition or Vtiger , after some trial and testing , suddenly the idea pop in my mind, let say if i using crm for support, when my host down = my crm down, my customer will have no way to contact me …

So i take out host it myself option and looking for trial account from Saas provider. Salesforce developer edition is one of the thing that i aiming for. i really like the flexible and customization of Salesforce, but developer edition is having some limitation and for current stage i still not prepare to pay a big sum of $$ for crm ..

Moving my target to the hyper of web2.0 , i was trying to source out any crm2.0 service out there, so far i only manage to found Relenta , but too bad limited feature and not so flexible design ( can’t create custom object like salesforce ), i don’t think i will use it … any crm 2.0 to recommend ?

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