Pingdom Offer free account

I use to have free pingdom account for one year , that’s why i quite like this uptime monitoring service. It seem like pingdom are firefox fan ? they use to give up 1 year free account to user who register using firefox and now after firefox 3.5 release , they are offer free account again.

So what pingdom offer this time is free account that come with one check. You might ask what are checks ?


Checks means different kind of checking on pingdom, once you register your account, you can select what kind of check you want to perform on your site, you can do a normal http check for your blog, ping check to make sure the server connection always there or you can even do email check on SMTP/POP3/IMAP to make sure your mail server is not down.

If you think that 1 check is not enough or really feel like support pingdom or thinking to upgrade your pingdom account if you have multi site to check, you can choose to upgrade your account.


Personally i prefer pingdom to offer a few more combination of account, example if i don’t want the SMS , maybe i can trade it with more check ? a Basic account that come with 10 checks and no SMS might be more attractive ? If you still shopping for up time monitoring service, give pingdom a try, highly recommended.

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