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Review 2012

Self review post should be done before starting of new year , but this year due to some last min project rushing and celebration of new year at my brother’s place, I didn’t squeeze...


Review 2011

Looking back what happen on 2011 , base on my 2011 resolutions ,I have done 4 out of 7 , some of the easy task like quarterly review is totally out of my mind. The...


Review 2010

This is a bit out of my original post schedule , I have just rearrange some of the post topic and run out of topic for tonight , so I decided to do an...


Goodbye 2009 – 25 random things edition

It seem like my 2009 summary post is late , because I’m down with flu for the past few day, not really a good ending for 2009 but looking on the bright side I hope that all the sickness will end on 2009.For 2009 summary I’m not going to post many summary post like previous year , I will be using the 25 random things about me meme style.