World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

It’s Tuesday again , the WOW maintenance day, that’s why i feel like talking about the new WOW Mobile Armory , an application by Blizzard which for iPhone and ipod touch.This is not Blizzard first iphone apps, their first iphone apps is the Mobile Authenticator which act like authenticator for wow user, something like the authenticator that we using for ebanking.

So what this this Mobile Armory about ? it’s like a mini wow site in your iPhone, you can almost see everything that related to your characters. You can check on the calendar to see your raid date, you can play with talent calculator to customize some of the talent point, you can check news to see will the server go does or not tonight. Overall i feel that application is well implement, the only negative feedback will be you need connection in order to use this application, there always try to auth with WOW server when you launch the application.


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