Fable – The Lost Chapters

I been playing this game for quite some time, the process is very slow but i quite like this game ,Fable – The Lost Chapters . So what is this game about ? this Role Playing Game is about how you build a hero, althought i still consider  far far away from the ending, but i do enjoy the whole process, simple and straight foward  .. this should be the RPG that i enjoy after Never Winter Night , since tonight don’t feeling well, i should continue this game in stead of some coding ..



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  • Bryan

    umm… hi, i’ve heard of fable: the lost chapters but i can’t find it anywhere in Singapore… any idea where i can obtain a copy?

  • Knight

    Give it a try on Sim Lim , but you can’t find the xbox or pc version ?

  • Andrew (Bob)

    I’ve Played “Fable, Lost Chapters” On My Brothers PC, But I Won’t Be Able To Play It Again Untill I Get My Own. Untill Then, I’m Getting As Much Information As I Can About Hints, Cheats, And Stats As I Can So That I Can Get A Full Experiance. What I’m Looking For Now Is A List Of ALL Of The Spells And Stats, As Well As The Experiance Cost For Each Level.
    If You Send Me An E-Mail With This Given Information, As Well As Anny Other Info That May Be Of Use, I can Deliver Anny Other Peice Of Information That You Need In The Future.
    (Respond By Via E-Mail)