Transformer – Still remember ?

Just saw this image this morning when i read through my rss feed .. geez its been long time since i watch this animation .. one of my favourite during kids time , hmmm just recall i bought some vcd of transfomer before but havent watch yet ..


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  • Alex

    brings back childhood memories. but Transformers the movie is comin out somewhere in july 2007. yahoo!! go optimus prime!

  • considering there are some of us who still BUY transformers TOYS…. I’d say, YEAH, we still remember the Transformers. hehe

  • Optimus Prime rocks so does the Dino bots! 😀

  • dave

    I’m sitting here with one of the DVD’s from season 3 playing in the background while working! Nothing beats the Transformers movie.

  • trasnformer !!! yes !!!! megatron, prime optimus … those were the days

  • Lex

    wah u guys are fast, yes Transformers The Movie is coming soon…

    All the kids will start singing… “Transformers… More than meets the eyes…” again…

  • Unfortunately , some of my friends and class mates just let go of this one great childhood memory to persue their obsession of As . One of my class mate labeled me as childish as I told him that I still watch Transformers , such a hypocracy .

  • Don’t care about them. Transformers is one of the classic cartoons since 80’s and until now… 😀 (Although its getting sucky…)

  • Knight

    mmmm i miss something like silver hawk and thunder cat ..

  • wan de real

    optimus prime is one of the hundred icons that really impress 80’s n 90’s kids, me n my generations at that time.nowadays, the curious among kids to seeing cartoon n its toys is no more the ‘primary interest’. it is a poor kid generations.

  • shahril

    huhuhu… i luv transformer now can watch it with my kids

  • shahril

    transformer rock….bring back my childhood memory…i still keep my transformer boxer never wear it until last week my wife let my son wear it…argggg there goes my collection item

  • Ty

    What about a one with Megatron on it?