Best world of warcraft pick up line

It happen that someone is giving out his beta key , but the condition is you need to come out with the best pick up line which of course related to world of warcraft.

If you didn’t play world of warcraft , you might not be able to catch some of the joke, i haven’t finish reading all but these are some of the “epic” joke.

Nice pants, baby. What’s the drop rate?

– drop rate means how often the item drop ? normally it drop after you kill some of the monster in game

Hey baby, thats my heart you just rolled on, and it’s BoP.

– rolled on , normally when a group of people form a party for questing dungeon, they will roll numbers to decide who can get the unique item, same theory as roll the dice, BOP means bind of pickup, some of item is BOP means after you pick up, you can’t pass it to other people to use.

Hey baby, shouldn’t your body be purple? Because it’s totally epic.

– in world of warcraft, epic weapon/armor is purple color, its almost consder the best item , other then the very rare legendary weapon.

If the faction is your love, I’d grind it all day and night

– there is faction reputation , to gain some of the faction special item , normally you to grind ( farming ) some of the dungeon or item.

LF1M- you!

– Looking For 1 More , normally using when looking for party to go dugeon

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