Wallnote – Notes and Todo list on your desktop

Recently i been looking for notes and todo list service again.

  • Netvibes is good for start up page, but i don’t really like the their notes and todo list feature, thats why it remain as my starting portal
  • Palm Desktop is for my Palm TX, its portable but is not online, its suitable for me to view, i still hate to do input on Palm.
  • Testing before rememberthemilk ( might revisit this one ) and tadalist not my cup of tea

Wallnote - send your notethen i accidently saw Wallnote , it seem like meet some of my requirement, its a web base service , it allow to use on desktop ( by using active desktop ) , have some nice color combination , user friendly GUI and you can even send some of your notes and todo to other user for the social purpose

Other then these feature , Wallnote seem getting quite a lot of attention because Solutionwatch is actually mention out of the top 5 todo list, Wallnote is the one he feel comfortable to use it, but at the end i think i still give up on it

  • its using Site5 ( share hosting i think ) , if you happen that visit webhostingtalk , you will found lots of complain about Site5 , hosting my todo and notes there ? no thx
  • its too online dependent already, if you not online, your active desktop can’t show your todo and notes ( which i understand how active desktop work, but can’t just build it as able to syn with it when get back online ? )
  • the ajax respone is slightly slow, it might be related to the first issue
  • maybe rss feature will be a plus ?

Wallnote Integrate in active desktop

p/s it might be a bit unfair if compare the offline feature with other online todo list, but my point is since you got this feature , i will expect something on this feature and i give it a miss not because this service sux, its just that it doesn’t meet my need.

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