Remember The Milk Bookmarklet

I been using Remember The Milk as my to do list since it launch, this ajax todo service so far still quite meet my needs.

One of the new feature it recently release its using the bookmarklets to take note of the time, a good demo video is showing here , demo how to use the quick add feature, basiclly you can just highlight any date and click on the rtm ( remember the milk for short) bookmarklet, then you can type the task name and post it to which section.

Just like what it show in the demo, when you viewing your bill, exam time table or some other time relatated material on the web, you can just use the quickadd to add the task immdiately.

i been test some of date format, dd-mm-yyyy or is working well, those type date mix with wording example March 10, 2005, 5:16 pm also no problem, but for dd,mm,yyyy and ddmmyyyy format it wont work, it will show you a proper format at the side


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