Disappointed on Woothemes support

As a Woothemes club subscriber , I m really disappointed with Woothemes support lately, I have a ticket started on 25 Mar , although my initial request has been fixed , but the issues follow up with the fix has been drag until today and there are still no reply yet.

25 Mar, 2013 – My initial request is just to getting my last year invoice for my accounting purpose, then the support from Woothemes find out that my  subscription still on their old payment processor, so they request me to repurchase again the club subscription and they will refund me ( I wonder why they can’t just create a new subscription and assign to me, might be the system limitation ).

1 Apr, 2013 – I have receive some of my old invoice and repurchase the package, I can actually ignore the email and just continue access the Woothemes club for free ( it happen for the past few month since the payment processor has been change ) but thinking of doing the right thing to support Woothemes, I just follow the instruction and do the repurchase and that’s mark the starting of this support nightmare.

7Apr, 2013 – the support reply say have put me into grandfather rate ( it was $15 dollar per month , the new rate is $20 )

8 Apr, 2013 – from the order it seem like I m on the new rate, so I reply and question on how can I verify it ?

13 Apr, 2013 – finally Ryan reply the ticket mention the person assigned to this ticket is on vacation so he re-assign the ticket again ( I was like huh ? what kind of excuse is this ? ) and even they refund the subscription , due to different currency , I still being charge by my bank, so when I doing on good will and I been charge extra.


17 Apr, 2013 – Some support reply say everything ok, has been refunded me bla bla bla

22 Apr, 2013 – I reply is there anyway to verify my rate confirm is on the old rate, because since the bank will charge me the diff of currency , I want to make sure the rate is in the old rate or else even they refund me the diff also pointless.

2 May, 2013 – the on vacation support come back and reply say he fix it and their system has just charge me on the new rate.

6 May, 2013 – I m reply and I m really upset , I been charge extra twice due to none of my problem.

13 May, 2013 – another new support reply and ask me what else can he help me without mention anything on the 2 times extra charge. On the same day I have reply after so much trouble you are not compensate anything and only say sorry ?

5 June, 2013 – after I mention in their customer satisfaction blog post, some one follow-up and say will get the right person to follow-up.

the ticket never update any more until today, I been trying a lot of way to get someone look into my ticket , I always need to shout on twitter in order someone start to reply my ticket, this is really disappointed. The overcharge amount is very little but the problem is the attitude of the support.

I hope someone from Woothemes can really follow up this ticket #31896.

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