Awstats on VHCS

i saw lots of post related to awstats using on vhcs on the forum , it seem like awstats is one of the favourite web log analyzer tools . The common way which currently most of the admin using have a few disadvantage. another thing which is quite important that it seem there are some attack which aiming on awstats too.

but i m lucky to found another guy solution which meet awstats high security policy by generate static result. The detail solution need some modify to suit my need.

  • i write a shell script to make sure all the domain has created awstats conf file
  • change the conf file template to include more feature
  • change the output directory to one standard directory for easy control
  • alias the awstatsicon directory
  • using the .htaccess with mysql authentication, so that all user can just use their vhcs login to see their awstats report

thats the change i did, and it seem like doing well

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