SG Yahoo Auction Closing Down

We all know that Yahoo US and Canada Auction closing down last year , the remaining is yahoo sg, yahoo taiwan and yahoo hk auction.

Some time ago Yahoo SG post up a notification , if i remember correctly is some searching related issue and it even appear on stomp and now what we getting is not a fixing done announcement, what we getting is


if let me choose where to sell gadget , i will choose yahoo auction rather then some other place, if i remember correctly i sold my acer notebook through yahoo auction before, but after that seem like the situation getting worse lots of spam post and a lot of fake poster.

It seem like currently auction site in singapore might be a good choice for startup ? market place in some of the famous forum still lack of certain auction feature and what you get mostly is a lot of vendor trying to press your price to get your thing and resell.

Let see when can we get the next reliable auction site in singapore ? please don’t tell me tatarah

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