Not Happy with montastic

I blog about this free website monitoring serviceMontastic before, but now i m totally dissapoint on it. The service is good, they will email you when your site down, you can track your site through the rss feed, but the problem is their account management is not reliable at all.

  • register the service when i blog about it 16 Jan 2006
  • few day later i found out that my account is not working, because i read the host status throught netvibes
  • it seem like my account suddenly gone and i can’t recall which email i use to register, so i decide to give it a second try
  • register another account again and add all the domain that i want to monitor
  • i found error again on the nextday when i read through my netvibes.
  • i login my account and realiase that all the domain which i added to monitor gone ..
  • i added back all the domain now and monitor now

it seem like none of the people complain about it so far, maybe because they don’t really track it by the rss feed.

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