Free Monitoring Service – Montastic

This monitoring service seem like just launch, i start saw little news about it this morning, after give it a try , i would say this should be one of the web2.0 product. why ?

  • its free
  • it have ajax interface
  • it provide rss feed
  • it have a self introduction video ( which make me laugh when i see it click on a msg and moving )
  • having the bookmark to delicious and digg it link

i havent really stress test this service but it does give me a good starting impression, it check your server every 10 min , hhhmm correct me if i wrong , i think some of the free monitoring service is using 30 min interval, other then this the ajax interface which make it user friendly and the funny introduction video does add some point too, don’t forget it allow rss feed all the server that you monitor, by combine with netvibes , this would be what you getting

netvibes and montastic 

a bit of minus point is the ajax seem loading slightly long, i wonder is that because some dugg effect ? almost forget not only rss feed for the status update, it will email you when your server down and another email when your server back online

ajax interface 

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