New Way For News 3 – feedraider

i blog about new way for news and some tools for new way for news before, but i believe feedraider should be one of the best out there to do this type of news.


so what feedraider can do ? like the image above that display while you register , it collect different rss and display on one page, it doest a bit like what most start page doing but it more like a point that gather different information . It allow these feature

  • different type of import, support different type of content like blog post, photo, video and OPML
  • customize css for the overall looks and feel
  • allow to reorder each rss
  • display of rss content is customizable, example how many to display, is it text only or include thumbnails, what title to put is more suitable for this block of rss.
  • allow to export as opml
  • allow to embed by javascript
  • support deck view or river view of news

a very good sample should be the feedraider about web2.0

oh almost forget to include my feedraider
My FeedRaider SpreadSource

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