New Way for News

I believe this should be new way of news, why ? by gather similiar topic blog/forum feed and publish under one page, not only i can focus to see the information that i want , i can even getting some first hand news, believe it now day some of the blogger getting news is faster then those traditional media ..

share with you guys 2 site which getting my attention recently

Original Signal – for web2.0 latest news, include latest feed from Techcrunch , Solution Watch etc ..
Original Signal

Hosting Hoopla – for latest news/promotion of hosting market , include some of the famous web hosting forum too

Hosting Hoopla

too bad i got no time, else maybe develop a service like this which allow user to combine the feeds that they want with some specific topic and some nice template ? might be able to get lots of attention ? but seem hard for getting real $$ value

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