Wefollow not because you are what you think

I think most of the twitter user know about kevin rose , founder of digg just launch the twitter user directory – wefollow.

How this thing work is , just send to wefollow with 3 hashtag and it actually tag your twitter account with this 3 tag and show in wefollow websiite.

@wefollow #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag

Lots of review are floating around the web talking about this twitter user directory by hashtag.

It seem like most of the review are positive, i do thinking a similiar idea before this, that’s why i looking at this in a different way

  • self tag might be good, but crowdsource tagging should be better
  • the top list shouldn’t judge by the number of follower , it should be decide by how many user tag your twitter account on that particular tag

This is what i think – We follow you not because you are what you think , we follow you is because we think what you are. A good example how i hijack webdeveloper this tag , just like my twitter friend say “you seldom tweet about web developer related thing , still using #webdeveloper huh ?”


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