Reorganize my digital life

I been planning to do this for quite some time , but i always failure at the planning stage, this is the first time i actually able to note down the whole process flow after so many weeks.

My current problem is

  • too many information daily – include feeds and twitter.
  • using too many tools – i never split the job in between my tools, each tool is holding up certain part of information.
  • didn’t categorize information – all sort link dump together, i should have GTD concept on these links

Tools that i use

  • delicious , social bookmark
  • browser bookmark with xmarks sync cross platform
  • evernote
  • posterous
  • instapaper

i m using lucidchart to draw out my new digital flow and i think lucidchart is one of the main reason i can complete this new flow, i going to blog about this wonderful service soon.


the overall idea is consolidate information and categorize it , each category is handle by one tool , avoid information overload and duplication.

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