that’s why you seldom see Open Source here ?

I just saw this blog post few day ago and street directory which been mention in the blog was down for the past few day. The site close down because of

Virtual Map, the company that runs has shut down its website after losing a lawsuit to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

When i get my non-IT or non-open-source IT guy to read this post, their first reaction is agreed of what been mention without second thought, i think this might be the reason open source not really that popular at singapore.

Some of my opinion after reading through the whole article

  • if you choose linux at least understand the basic about it, they seem like don’t really know about linux  and everything depends on the so calll administrator
  • I think the number of linux expert is not that much in singapore, give a good pay to get the right person, not getting a cheap labour which totally cannot make it
  • Get commercial support from Linux company will be another good solution
  • a real linux admin shouldn’t tie to one distro, it’s like you hire a php guy but he say he can only code in php4, you need to change all your code to php4 for this guy.
  • if the apps is write in php n take the admin 2 week just to migrate to another linux web server , i m really no idea what kind of administrator is this
  • fedora core 6 end of support means upgrade to fedora 7, it doesn’t mean this distro is end.

lots of misinformation, the best part is this piece of information published in news paper ..

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