Mass email alert from buxfer

I think i mention before, i been using buxfer to manage all my transaction, including credit card, bank and cash on hand, this allow me to keep track where did all my money gone. So far i m quite happy with the service, it does meet most of my requirement and i think i have a draft post about this service which i never complete it.

but this morning while i checking my google mail on train, there is 30+ email from buxfer to me, i was like what the xxxx ?


is that because i own someone so much $$ and the system auto alert me ? oh no , this is actually a weekly report feature that telling you how your expense last week, but i think the dev team never handle it probably and trigger the mass alert to all the user.

Anyway they did apologize on their blog , in stead of trying to hide this issue, i would say that’s a correct move. Anyway i will still recommend it , if you looking for a personal finance service, it worth a try.

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