Starting In Love with Ruby

I been heard a lot about ruby and ruby on rails , lots of interesting web application is develop under this framework and lots of discussion about ruby going to replace php or ruby going to replace java is flying around. althought so much thing i heard about ruby but until yesterday i just starting have some hands on experience.

Its all because of this try ruby , type in “help” to start the tutorials, after go through the tutorials, i found that this programming/scripting language is really interesting, simple, direct and english style , the next thing i give it a try is read the guide to ruby , althought certain part of the tutorials is like a story book, but still quite a good materials to learn ruby. after ruby then will be ruby on rails, Rolling with Ruby on Rails 1  and Part 2 , i m still halfway of these reading, but i already in love with it, for a all time php supporter for the first time i start thinking to switch ..

last this pic telling all of us a good reason to swtich ..

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