Tatar-argh ah Tatar-argh

Thanks for the post from Simply Jean , i m not a newspaper guy , i only read mypaper. So this is getting BEST, They claim that Singaporeans are not used to the lowest bid model.

This was done in response to member feedback. ‘The general public is more used to a bid up system versus a bid down system.

Tell me who the heck is feedback ? there are no forum, no blog for this, it means got someone actually email them and feedback bid down model not good , must use bid up model la ? i bet the so call public is form by Mr Revenue , Miss Income and Mrs Profit.

Google share prices were going through the roof. We thought why not e-commerce?

Hi lo ! Google share prices go up NOT BECAUSE OF E-COMMERCE … , no wonder he need to mention that he have no background in IT.

The processing fee required with each bid goes mostly to the telcos

Tell me who going to believe this shit ? telcos might charge you something for this but no one will believe mostly to the telcos.

Mr Soh hopes to use his existing database of more than 10,000 Tatarah members to expand the business into other sectors of e-commerce.

like what ? selling our contact to 3rd party ? or sell the member database for spam ? hmmm , i wonder is this related to recently those china caller that call me? Going through the privacy terms, i don’t really see anything that they allow to make use our information for other e-commerce activity ? Correct me if i m wrong if someone which is expert on terms and conditions.

One of my colleague told me the model is still the same, for bid down , max is 0 and for bid up the max is 50% of retail price, you still need to be highest + unique compare to previous model which is lowest + unique, this is nothing different, the only different is they earn more $$.

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