Listible – list out related thing

One of the style that i like a blog post is using list, so that i can list out point by point, i m not good in paragraph .. same goes to Listible , an social resource site.

Its like combination the listing and digg idea. someone come out a topic, the rest of people is submitting related resource, by voting on that particular resource , will adjust the order of each resource. This is good when you need some specific information, you can just check on the list and get what you want.

As a member, you can either start a new topic, add a new resource for existing topic , tag the list and vote the particular resource, oh comment is allow too.
Roughly go through the popular list, its full like best firefox extensions for power user, Complete List of Web 2.0 Products and Services or best Online Calendar these type of list. if you really looking for some tech related info/recommend, you can’t miss this social service.

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