9Cays start the wave of Group Email

Its something new compare to other, 9cays is a new Group email service. What is group email ? its something like newsletter , something like letter network or something a lot of people chit chat by email.

so how 9Cays different compare to other ?

  • every conversation will be visible in a web page
  • this page is rss feed
  • after signup your email account, as long as an eamil which cc to the 9cays email will create a conversation in 9cays

Imagine if your office not allow you to open Instant Messager, your boss is watching at the back of you, the only way you can contact with your friends, later what time meet up for dinner, this service might be a good choice ? forget to add this, some good review from techcrunch
Currently 9cays’s idea still sound a bit too simple, i wonder what new feature will they added soon ? Oh forget to let you know by default without register you can start the conversation up to 3 people , if you signup then there are not restriction of involved email.


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