i admit i m WOW addicted

Since end of last year i m start going back to WOW  – World of Warcraft

I think this explain a lots of thing, why this blog is seldom update and it’s been long time since i last release some dev work, but my tight working schedule also part of the reason, after web dev whole day and come back to home, i m thinking of just login the game to relax in stead of continue web dev.

One thing for sure is , i m more addicted now when i reach the max lv ( lv 70) then during the time i m leveling. During the leveling i m still consider quite casual, thats why my bro which start the game late but over take me and hit the lv 70 faster then me. After casual playing for sometime and finally hit lv 70, just like what i heard about WOW – “Level 70 is just the begining”.

So what make me so addcit after lv 70 ?

  • configuration of your talent and skill – since your lv is max , you can try different talent and skill arrangement for different playing style, i been leveling on arcane tree for long time ,  start using fire tree when i start going raid and currently testing on frost tree grinding power.
  • end game content raid – in stead of pvp , i m the person who prefer to go dungeon , raid , it’s nice that you go with 9 other player to complete some raiding.
  • group of people – when i first starting wow on it’s first release, i play with a few friend but soon they all reach the max level while i still struggle on my low level char , thats why i give up  but now i been playing with my bro and some of his friend, we got nice group of people and it doesn’t have some fun to gaming with them
  • skill – i read a lot of material about mage to improve my skill , this is one of the interesting part, my guild leader which is about same gear with me but always be the top dps in raid, i normal no 4 or 5 , which push me harder to research how to improve
  • website – there are a lot of fan site with useful info out there, which really give impress me.

So is this good or bad ? a diff life style is always good, i m trying to accept the fact, but at the same time i m trying to balance it, thats why i m sitting in front of my mac and writing this post, spending some time on blogging , geez i think i will have a wow specific blog soon ?

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