CivCity Rome

Its been long time since my last pc game, but because of the Evil Library , now i can even playing some latest game for FREE. Although i don’t really spend a lot of time on it, but i believe it does reduce my working time at home ..

So what is CivCity about ? It recall some of my sweet memory for Caesar and Zeus , you build, manage and control the whole city, from prepare different kind of food, make sure enough wood and stone, trading with different country to get some supply or even need to war with other country.It let you have the feeling like you are the king, if you manage it well, lots of people will come and stay , if your management sucks, the people will just leave you.
the company behind CivCity is firefly studios which famous by their stronghold series, that was one of my favourite too. If you just like me, still think about the fun when playing Caesar and Zeus , don’t miss this game .

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