Web Dev Installer

I been trying to figure what category shall i put for these software, but seem like there are no standard name for it, Sourceforge call this category software as “Http Server” which i think a bit misleading. This cateogry of software is combine of Apache + Mysql + PHP as basic component plus some other standard web component as one installer, its power enough as personal develop platform but not so power for live system.

  • Easyphp – my old favourite, been using it for the past few year, but seem like outdated already
  • XAMPP – my new favourite, lots of combination , but since install this my develop work been totally stop, so can’t tell how good it is, plus point is include FileZilla FTP Server, allow to swap btw php4 and php5
  • InstantRails – discover this when i trying to learn ruby, plus point is it can run without installation

some other which i found but havent try yet

  • AppServ – the latest that i found on the web, idea of this post, plus point is there are 2 different package for PHP4 and PHP5 user
  • WinLamp – plus point is having PHP 5 and MySQL 5
  • The Uniform Server
  • VertrigoServ – plus point is include SQlite and SQlite Manager
  • WAMP5

these 2 are for Mac user

  • MAMP
  • WebServerXKit – plus point is include PostgreSQL and ruby on rails

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