Drupal is getting better

Its been few month since i last visit drupal. if i want to choose the CMS that i would like to get involved, Drupal would be the top one , i been spending quite a big amount of time on Xoops before, some time on mambo/joomla , but i still think that drupal have some best feature that attract me. the only dissapoint on drupal is theme and module, compare to others it seem like the choice of theme and module is very little, i wonder its that because of the the script is too complex ? or not famous enough ?

anyway due to some need, i revisit drupal and found out that their release the 4.7 Beta , of course as usual, i download the latest version and play around, wah ! i havent go through everything but what i can tell its seem like having a lot of improvement, the interface give me the same feeling like from wordpress 1.5 to wordpress 2.0, more user friendly and easier to interact, one of the best thing is how they handle the utf string, it would at least reduce 40% of my dev time, if i need to run some chinese related site, i still can remember when i using wordpress for the chinese aggregator, how much effort i need to put in for it to handle those multi byte string well.

but as usual, so many good feature been added in, the core should be some where different, i think quite a lot of module its not really working well with 4.7 , but i think grabbing direct from CVS would be a better solution, now i just wish i have more time to make migration.

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