Unable to upload image on a HHVM

If you are using HHVM latest version on your web server, at the same time having upload issue with any image manager ( for my case I m using Responsive File Manager ). You are hitting by one of the HHVM bugs.

I was getting my client feedback this morning that image manager unable to upload files. The server upload size limit already setup for 100MB, but they can’t even upload an image that is below 1MB, it seem like some server settings are having problems.

I m using homestead for local development and Laravel forge for production; the server environment should be about the same, why is working on my local development but having issues on the production server?

After some debug, I find out that script unable to get the upload size setting from the server, it seems like ini_get function doesn’t return the value properly. I found the issue on HHVM Github issue too and it still a known issue.

So far my local development is on HipHop 3.5.1, if you are currently on this version, Don’t Upgrade your HHVM. The latest 3.7.1 version has this bug. Since I don’t want to downgrade my production server, I disable HHVM for the site through Nginx setting, hopefuly a fix will be release soon.

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