VPS Experience – 1

Its been 5 day since my last post, this is getting bad ..

i been spending quite some time on my VPS for the past few day , testing some account , getting some user to test up, migrate some user over from the US account, need to do some basic secure and tweaks, its a bit like the old day when i need to handle my own dedicated server ( argh which i waste quite a bit of $$ ) but because now i using a common control panel, which having lots of resource on the web, so far still managable .

  1. Changing hostname – once you changes your vps hostname, your WHM SSL cert might still using your old host name, to make it display as new hostname, you need to restart the VPS.
  2. Upgrade through WHM – i just found out that my new VPS is only on PHP4.2, by using the WHM – Apache Update feature, i can just choose the latest PHP4.4 + the module i need , don’t forget to select Gzip Module althought it mention experimental
  3. Install Zend Optimizer and eAccelerator, a proper step by step guide from ASO , althought the guide is demo 0.9.3 eAccelerator, but its work on 0.9.4 also.
  4. some of the user mention that its seem like the same when they just migrate from the US server, but after gzip module is turn on , Zend and eAccelerator is in place, they can feel the this new VPS is faster
  5. i having “named” failure when i create new account, it seem like the bind service report some error, just run /scripts/fixndc to fix this issue.

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